While we should be talking about it and educating everyone around us. The subject of mosquitoes and mosquito borne disease gets little to no attention in most countries which is why it would be a good idea if you take the lead and organize a campaign that educates those around you about the dangers of mosquito borne diseases and what each of us can do in our daily lives to prevent these diseases from spreading. We are so busy with our full time jobs and our work that we rarely spend time inspecting our homes for potential mosquito breeding sites and areas.

Of course, we can take responsibility for cleaning up our own homes and making sure that we have a gum leaf gutter guard protecting our gutters from getting blocked but if the next house has plastic cans and tins lying around that is collecting water, our lives are still in danger which is why we have to work as a community to clean up our entire area and also to spread awareness in offices, in schools and everywhere around us so that we can all take responsibility as a whole to prevent the spread of these deadly, fatal diseases.

Educational campaigns and sales promotions

You could speak to a company that develops a fairly good gutter guard system and tell them that you will be organizing an awareness campaign about mosquito borne disease and that part of that campaign will involve people taking steps in their own homes to prevent the spread of mosquito borne disease. You can ask the company if they will be willing to give the guard device at a discounted rate to people at the campaign so that you are not only preaching but also giving people a solution to the problem. It is important that you have campaigns for schools as well as in adult communities such as offices and even in temples and schools so that people can get together as a community to clean up their towns and their streets.

Many people do clean up their own homes and make sure that there are no containers that can collect water for mosquitoes to breed inside their homes but who takes responsibility for the street outside our homes? We expect the government to take control and responsibility but it does not and therefore, we need to take the reins because it is our families that are losing their lives and it is our own safety that is at risk.